2019 Vans RV8

  • £ 100,000 open to offers

  • Fife, Scotland

Airframe TimeEngine TimeProp Time
102 Hrs102 Hrs102 Hrs
Airframe Time102 Hrs
Engine Time102 Hrs
Prop Time102 Hrs

Built: 2019
Total Time Airframe and Engine: 102 hours (aircraft in use)
Annual LAA Permit Due: 12 Aug 21
(Could be sold with fresh LAA permit, subject to buyer timescale negotiation)
Cleared for Aerobatics
Empty Weight: 1050 lbs, Max AUW 1800 lbs
Winner of the LAA Devon Strut Mike Claydon Trophy Commendation, for Best Homebuilt in 2020
Fuselage completely etch primed during build and duralac dipped rivets used throughout

Every aircraft is a compromise, this RV8 must be right up there as one of the best compromises flying today! No embroidered upholstery or Boeing 787 Flightdeck, an honest aircraft built to be functional with fantastic performance, that is guaranteed to induce the RV grin from the first flight.
Aircraft currently located in Scotland.

Engine: Superior IO-360 B1AD2 180 HP, with Horizontal Induction, Assembled by Norvic.
(Ser No: 36D171872, no SLs or ADs. Engine has a VP crankshaft, but currently fitted with FP prop)
Precision Silver Hawk Fuel Injection
Superior Cold Sump
SkyTec Lightweight Starter
Plane Power 60 Amp Alternator
Vetterman Four Pipe Exhaust System
Twin Exhaust Cabin Heater Manifold
SkyBolt Fasteners on Top Cowling Firewall
Propeller: Hercules Custom Built 80″ Pitch Cruise Prop
Performance: 150 kts IAS @ 2400RPM, 3000 ft, leaned at 30L/Hr

Trig TY91 8.33 KHz Radio
Trig TT21 Transponder
Flybox Electronic CHT/EGT Gauge giving indications for all cylinders
‘Classic’ Flight Instruments ASI, Altimeter, VSI, RPM, Oil Pressure, Oil Temp
Independent Warning Lights for Starter Engaged, Low Oil Pressure, Alternator Failure and Fuel Pump
Sporty’s IFDR Panel Mount for 9.5” iPad, with integral Power Supply from aircraft power
Hobbs Meter (Oil Pressure Switch)
Andair Fuel Valve
Andair Electric Fuel Pump
Twin Andair In-Line Fuel Filters
Twin Fuel Gauges
Fuel Pressure Gauge
Aerobatic Flop Tube in Port Fuel Tank
GT50 Multi-Function Display
Flap Speed Controller
12 Volt Socket
ETX 680 Lithium Battery
Essential Busbar Switching (permits Load Shedding in the event of Alternator Failure)
All electric circuits professionally wired and protected by conventional CBs or Fuses
Auxiliary side panels with Fuel Indications and Electrics
Electric Trim for Elevator and Ailerons, with LED Position Indicators
RAMI Radio and Transponder aerials
Whelan Nav/Strobe Lights
Garmin Heated Pitot Probe with AoA capability
Flyboys RV Rocket Mono Steering Link
FlyBoys Canopy Latches permits two intermediate locking positions
Aeroclassic 15 x 600-5 Tyres, allowing better ground clearance
Crow 5 point harness, in front and rear cockpits
Interior in two tone light and dark grey leather, by Auto Trim
Front and Removable Rear Control Sticks, both with Trim and R/T Functionality
Rear Seat Throttle Control
Front Seat In-Flight Adjustable Rudder Pedals
(Rear Rudder Pedals included, but not fitted in rear cockpit at present)
Front Baggage Compartment modified to allow access to Avionics Bay
Cockpit painted in Raptor Protective Coating
Airframe and all components professionally painted by SERCO at Marham
(The details and badges on the fuselage are vinyl and easily removed)
All weather Canopy Cover

Please, only call if you are genuinely interested. If you are genuinely interested, then you will know the value of these aircraft. However, I am looking to sell at a realistic price given the level of equipment fitted.

OIRO £100k

Seller’s phone: 07814931059


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