1999 Europa Classic Tri Gear

  • £ 34,000

  • Salisbury, Wilts

Airframe TimeEngine TimeProp Time
494 Hrs525 Hrs549 Hrs
Airframe Time494 Hrs
Engine Time525 Hrs
Prop Time549 Hrs

Europa [Classic] Trigear fitted with a Rotax 912 UL [80 Hp] Engine. The aircraft has recently been converted from a monowheel to Trigear undercarriage with finger brakes. The empty weight is 890 lbs and the MAW is 1370 lbs.

The aircraft is fitted with an Airmaster Electrically adjusted propellor hub with Warp Drive Blades giving a propellor diameter of 62”. The Airmaster propeller is extremely simple to operate thanks to the AC200 control system which allows easy selection of engine speeds for Take Off, Climb and Cruise. There is also the option of Manual Control.

The aircraft is capable of up 1000 ft/min Rate of Climb with cruise speeds up to 125 kts Straight and Level Flight and benefits from the frugal Rotax 912 Engine and the 68L Europa Standard Fuel tank.

The Cockpit is fitted with analogue instruments, ICOM 8.33 Radio, Intercom, Garmin GTX327 [Mode C] Transponder, Smart ASS [Talking ASI], and SkyForce GPS .

As at 2/5/21 the Airframe hours are 494, propellor hours are 525 and Engine 549

The Permit to Fly expires 28/04/2022.

The Sale Price is £ 34,000

Located near Salisbury

Ring Ian on 07464265610 or Andy on 07843661739

Seller’s phone: 07464265610


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