About WingsMarket

WingsMarket is the UK’s FREE general aviation marketplace, intended to make listing and finding aircraft or parts for sale, as easy as possible for both mobile and desktop experiences.

WingsMarket was started and is run by Emre Mutlu, an avid aviation enthusiast who is currently enjoying gliding and skydiving, with a degree in software.

WingsMarket was founded out of frustration with the status quo. After helping friends list their aircraft for sale or find their new aircraft, Emre noticed the process of listing aircrafts for sale online was cumbersome,  and was hard to navigate. Even worse than that, finding the aircraft you’re looking for was almost impossible with lack of actual pictures of the aircrafts on the listing pages, which were instead full of advertisements. Not to mention, use of social media for advertising and reaching out to much wider target audience was completely ignored.

WingsMarket was founded to provide you with a modern, easy to navigate, effective and FREE way of advertising your aircraft!

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